YD1000 Globe Valves Series
YD100E Economic Single Port Control Valves
YD100S High Performance Single Port Control Valves
YD100C High Performance Cage Control Valves
YD100V Multi-hole Velocity Control Valves
YD101V Labyrinth Velocity Control Valves
YD102V Multi-step Velocity Control Valves
YD101S Small Flow Control Valves
YD110S Angle Type Single Port Control Valves
YD110C Angle Type Cage Port Control Valves
YD110V Angle Type Multi-hole Velocity Control Valves
YD111V Angle Type Labyrinth Velocity Control Valves
YD112V Angle Type Multi-segment Velocity Control Valves
YD101T 3-way Diverting Control Valves
YD102T 3-way Mixing Control Valves
YD100F Acid Resistant Control Valves
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YD1000 Series high performance single port control valve is designed with heavy top guided and versatility plug, so that it is well-suited to handle a wide variety of process applications.


   Body type    YD100S YD100E YD101S
   Body size    1/2"~8"(15A~200A)
   Body rating    ANSIClass150~2500,PN1.0MPa~PN42MPa
   Fluid temp.    -196~+538℃(Can be up to 565℃; under high pressure)
   Connections    Flange(RF、MFM、RJ),Weld ends (SW :2" and under, BW :3" and over)
   Body materials    WCB(A105)、WC6(F11)、WC9(F22)、CF8(304SS)、CF8M(316SS)、Monel、HC、HB,etc.
   Trim materials    304SS、316SS、17-4PH,etc.
   Rangeability    50:1
   Flow characteristics    Equal percentage、Linear、 On-off
   Leakage    Metal seat:ANSI Class Ⅳ,Ⅴor MSS-SP-61;
   Soft seat:ANSI Class Ⅵ
   Actuator    DY00LA Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator
     PY00LA Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator
     EK00LA、EQ00LA Solid State Electronic Actuator
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