Inspection and Maintenance Engineering
control Quick Response Center
raining Services
R&D and technical services
   1.Inspection and Maintenance Engineering

   2.Quick Response Center
Yadi products with high performance, rarely encounter quality problems. In order to ensure better user experience, we have set up a quick response center, 24 hours response, 48 hours to the site.

   3.Training Services
Excellent technical background and innovation ability, as well as perfect training documents and factory management, fully meet the training needs of site operators for control valve. You just need to contact the relevant people.

   4.R&D and technical services
If the customer has any special valve application and needs to develop and improve the special valve, Yadi is willing to improvetogether with partners. Yadi has developed a variety of special valve products with Sinopec and CSSC (successful cases such as high-pressure hydrogenation, LDPE/EVA, fluidized bed, solar power generation, etc.).
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