YD1000 Globe Valves Series
YD100E Economic Single Port Control Valves
YD100S High Performance Single Port Control Valves
YD100C High Performance Cage Control Valves
YD100V Multi-hole Velocity Control Valves
YD101V Labyrinth Velocity Control Valves
YD102V Multi-step Velocity Control Valves
YD101S Small Flow Control Valves
YD110S Angle Type Single Port Control Valves
YD110C Angle Type Cage Port Control Valves
YD110V Angle Type Multi-hole Velocity Control Valves
YD111V Angle Type Labyrinth Velocity Control Valves
YD112V Angle Type Multi-segment Velocity Control Valves
YD101T 3-way Diverting Control Valves
YD102T 3-way Mixing Control Valves
YD100F Acid Resistant Control Valves
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Velocity control valve is in severe services of high temperature and high differential pressure. It can reduce noise to compressible fluid(gas、steam)and prevent cavitation to non-compressible fluid(liquid).This series is multi-advantageous in that its improved performance and durability allow maintenance cost reduction and system simplification. From YD100C、YD100V、YD101V、YD102V, depending on the fluid condition, most suitable model can be selected comparing functions and prices.


   Body type     YD100C YD100V YD101V
   Body size     1"~20"(25A~500A)
   Body rating     ANSI Class 150~2500,PN1.0MPa~PN42MPa
   Fluid temp.     -196~+538℃(Can be up to 565℃; under high pressure)
   Connections     Flange(RF、MFM、RJ),Weld ends (SW :2" and under, BW :3" and over)
   Body materials     WCB(A105)、WC6(F11)、WC9(F22)、CF8(304SS)、CF8M(316SS),etc.
   Trim materials     410SS/HT、304SS、316SS、17-4PH,etc.
   Rangeability     20:1~50:1
   Flow characteristics     Equal percentage、Linear、 On-off
   Leakage     Metal seat:ANSI Class Ⅳ,Ⅴor MSS-SP-61;
    Soft seat:ANSI Class Ⅵ
   Actuator     DY00LA Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator
    PY00LA Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator
    EK00LA、EQ00LA Solid State Electronic Actuator
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