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YD200B series provides ball valve with a straight through valve which can be opened or closed by simply causing the stem to make a 1/4 turn. The ball valve has excellent shutoff performance. When totally opened, the flow has the same bore as the pipeline and its fluid resistance is negligible. For this reason, this automatic valve is best suited to on-off service, controlling various types of liquid, gas and slurry.


  Body type   YD200B
  Body size   1/2"~20"(15A~500A)
  Body rating   ANSI Class150~300,PN1.0 MPa~PN4.0 MPa
  Fluid temp.   -45~+300℃
  Connections   Flange(RF, MFM,RJ),Butt Weld, Socket Weld
  Body materials   WCB、CF8、CF8M,etc.
  Ball materials   CF8、304SS、CF8M、316SS,etc.
  Seal ring materials   Pure Teflon、Reinforced Teflon 、PPL
  Leakage   Tight shut off
  Actuator   PX00RA、PA00RA Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator
  EK00RA、EQ00RA Solid State Electronic Actuator
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