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YD200V series high performance V-port ball valve is concentric segmental ball valve for modulating and on-off application. V-notch cut at disc makes rangeability larger and creates shearing effect by disc and seal ring, so it is suitable to large rangeability service and/or control of fluids with fiber and/or slurry.


   Body type    YD200V
   Body size    1"~12" (25A~300A)
   Body rating    ANSI Class150~600,PN1.0 MPa ~PN10 MPa
   Fluid temp.    -45~+500℃
   Connections    Flange(RF),Wafer type
   Body materials    WCB、CF8、CF8M,etc.
   Trim materials    CF8、CF8M,etc.
   Disc treatment    Chrome plated or Stellited
   Seal ring materials    316SS/R.TFE,316SS
   Rangeability    100:1~500:1
   Flow characteristics    Approximate EQ%、ON-OFF
   Leakage    Metal seat:sheet (L Type seat):Rated CV×0.001% ;plate steel :Rated CV×0.05%
   Soft seat:ANSI Class Ⅵ
   Actuator    PX00RA、PA00RA Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator
   EK00RA、EQ00RA Solid State Electronic Actuator
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