YD3000 Butterfly Valves Series
YD300S Light-duty Butterfly Valves
YD300M Double-Eccentric Sealing Butterfly Valves
YD310S Light-duty Sealing Vutterfly Vavles
YD300T Three Eccentric Sealing Butterfly Vavles
YD300F High Performance PFA Lined Butterfly Vavles
YD300L High Performance Rubber Seated Butterfly Vavles
YD300B Heavy-duty Butterfly Vavles
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YD300S Metal seal seat is set around the disc. This construction realizes low seating force and better shut off performance. It is also suited to high temperature fluid service.


  Body type   YD300S
  Body size   3"~120"(80A~3000A)
  Body rating   ANSI Class125~150,PN0.25MPa~PN1.0Mpa,JIS2K 5K 10K
  Fluid temp.   -196~+700℃
  Connections   Flanged(RF,FF), Butt weld, Wafer
  Body materials   Q235A,304SS,316SS,etc.
  Disc materials   Q235A,304SS,316SS,310,etc.
  Rangeability   50:1-20:1
  Flow characteristics   Approximate EQ%(Inherent Characteristic)
  Leakage   Standard:Cv×5%~1.5%
  Back seat:Cv×2.0%~0.1%
  Actuator   PX00RA、PA00RA Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator
  EK00RA、EQ00RA Solid State Electronic Actuator
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