YD102S Large Rangability Control Valves
YD112V high pressure differential anti-dust angle valve
YD100Y high performance tank valve
YD100H Ultra-high Temperature 3-way Mixing Valves
YD200M metal-sealed ball valve
YD320S 4 connecting rod damper valve
YD300H Ultra-high Temperature 3-way Mixing Valves
YD300Z weighted check valve
YD401G parallel gate valve
YD700H pressure reducing desuperheater
YD900E disk valve
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 YD200M metal-sealed ball valve      download

       YD200M Not only featured ball valve advantages: anti high temperature, anti corrosion, anti high pressure, but also featured anti severe condition, for example anti dust. Widely applied at PX equipment, tank feeding, pulp and paper industry.
       Customized structure and material by different media and working condition. Please reference catalog for detail.

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