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YD900E disk valve
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YD900E disk valve       download

We developed serials disk valve for on/off switch purpose on severe condition: slurry and water contain dust.
1.Unique flat sealing structure ensures disk seal with seat consequently in action.
2.Unique layers butterfly type spring structure, resist thermal expansion effectively.
3.Corrosive and working life extended by WC painting on disk and seat.
4.Sharp disk edge clean the dust accumulation during the working.
5.Blow hole set up on cage, blow out dust accumulation in cage.
6.Packing reliability ensured by dynamic sealing structure.
7.Media pressure itself ensure sealing effect between disk and seat.
YD900E serial had certified invention patent of China. Please contact us for detail.
Rotary disk valve, linear disk valve, 3 way disk valve picture.


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